Denisa Rullmoss – After School Director and Love in Action Coordinator

Denisa is Rainbow’s After School Director. “Laugh Often” is her motto and one she is quite happy to follow it herself. Denisa Rullmoss known as “Queen D” to many, and is a multi-talented and innovative organizer who has managed to retain a child’s viewpoint on the world. Just ask any kid Denisa’s real age and you will be told “she’s 8 years old of course….due to the magical spell cast upon her!”

Denisa was the creator and coordinator for the Children’s Camp at the Swannanoa Gathering (Folk Arts Workshops … Old Time, Celtic, and more) at Warren Wilson for 20 years. She was also the creator, director of the LEAF kids Village (Lake Eden Arts Festival) for 10 years, as well as part of the booking team and occasional performer! Next she was the Owner/Director of Owls Nest – After School Care.

Denisa takes FUN seriously with bubbles, pogo sticks, silly camp songs, parachutes, cool clubs and so much more. Giggles is the goal! She coordinates all the After School clubs and classes, feels blessed to have stumbled into another job which brings such joy and loves this community of families, teachers, staff and most importantly the KIDS!!!


After attending East Tennessee State University Denisa traveled and landed back in the Appalachian mountain range she loves deeply. Marriage, two children and homeschooling kept her busy and provided the inspiration for finding meaningful AND fun work that her family could be a part of.

You can reach her at