Jessica Redford – Kindergarten Teacher

Jessica has had the privilege of teaching young children since 2004, more than a decade of which she has spent with at Rainbow Community School.

Jessica’s first goal as an educator is to make every child feel safe and loved in her classroom. She works to help children identify their inner compass, develop mindfulness and appreciation, and strive towards creating a culture of peace in their community as well as beyond their classroom doors. She believes in honoring the natural world around us, and encouraging a reverence for all living and even nonliving things.

Jessica inherited a lifelong love of learning from her mother. “She taught me that the world is a wonderful, complicated and mysterious place just waiting to be explored. Young children are naturally engaging and open, and it is our job to nourish, not discourage that. She wants that feeling of curiosity and enthusiasm to be present in everything she shares with young children, from mathematics and language arts to butterflies and dinosaurs. She embraces the idea that each child learns differently, and fills her Kindergarteners’ day with exploration across the domains to support their growing identity as young learners.

Each year, Jessica looks forward to guiding her students’ study of the amazing world that we share. From world cultures to water science, each new day brings opportunities for wonder. She has a great love for the arts, and enjoys celebrating the creative impulse in the classroom. Her students learn about artists around the world who were/are changemakers, who had a unique vision and worked tirelessly to share their point of view. She hopes that her students embrace the understanding “that we are all artists in the way we see and interpret our world.”


Jessica holds a BA in Fine art, is a certified Early Childhood Educator, and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has pursued independent studies in Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori, and commonly infuses elements of various inspired practices into her classroom environment and pedagogy.


When she is not in the classroom, Jessica loves to read, write, paint, and spend time in nature and with family.  Jessica’s daughter, Harmony, is an Omega Middle School alumnus and had been at RCS since preschool.

You can reach Jessica at: