_DSC0153Jill Cox graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Special Education.  She has used her degree in a variety of ways to work with children with various needs, including teaching students with learning needs; teaching students with social/ emotional needs; providing teacher support as an Inclusion Specialist; providing therapy for children with Autism; tutoring; and private in-home care.

Jill chose to pursue a career working with children with special needs because of the challenges she identified and overcame as a student.  She has found that her learning struggles help her to understand, connect with and assist the children with whom she works.

When Jill isn’t teaching, she finds any excuse to occupy her time outdoors – camping, hiking, rollerblading, jogging, yoga, and walking to the local farmer’s market. She has dedicated herself to her daily mediation practice and spiritual endeavor for over the past decade. In addition, she gives great value to spending quality time with loved ones and looks for any opportunity to creatively express herself and connect with life.

You can reach her at: Jill.Cox@rainbowlearning.org