Josie Hoban – First Grade Assistant Teacher

After eight years of living abroad Josie followed her heart and found herself in Asheville. Josie has been at Rainbow for a few years as has been able to work with Rachel Hagen in the first grade classroom for much of that time. She is thrilled to have found her tribe and to be a part of a community where she finds the voice of the collective consciousness resonating deeply within her.

Education and Experience

Josie received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida in 2005. She moved to Spain, completed her TESOL certification and taught English for four years in Madrid. The yearning to connect to her Asian heritage inspired her to return to Taiwan. In Taichung, she taught at a private kindergarten and two years later she was promoted to supervisor of the English department. Josie is a certified Positive Discipline Educator and she attends workshops during the summers to further her professional development.


Josie enjoys frolickling in her garden with her dog and cat, spending time outdoors and on rivers, traveling, doing yoga and DIY/creative projects. She cares deeply for animals and she is a volunteer at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center. She is a certified yoga instructor and has taught adults and children yoga. Josie is grateful to be involved in the preparation of our children through holistic and mindful education.

You can reach her at: