paris sigler

Paris Sigler –  Preschool After School Lead Teacher

Paris Sigler got their start at Rainbow back in 2007 as an Omega student, and has been utterly unable to say goodbye to this beautiful community ever since. After a wonderful year in Omega with Susan Waddell as their teacher, Paris worked as a Counselor In Training in Rainbow’s Summer Preschool program under the mentorship of Jessy Tickle, and has returned to Summer Preschool every following year! Paris now organizes the Counselor In Training program, has taught both of Jessy’s amazing children, and is thrilled to have come full circle in their role at Rainbow.

Educational Background

With such deep Rainbow roots, it was very difficult for Paris to step away from the Preschool team in order to finish their Bachelor of Science. However, the sacrifice was worth it, and now after a winding, lengthy journey, Paris has obtained their degree in Child Development and his teaching license for children ages birth to Kindergarten from Appalachian State University. They are looking forward to putting theory into practice this year in the Preschool after-school program.


After years of juggling the work/school balance, Paris is excited to begin learning how it feels to have the time and energy to pursue leisurely activities! They are happy to provide a progress report to anyone interested enough to ask! They expect that their main hobbies will be spending time with friends, reading (for fun, without deadlines), and decorating their apartment with artwork.