Walker Trent, Nature Awareness Teacher

Walker is grateful to be back at Rainbow Community School! He has been part of the team in the past, working two years as the Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher and resident naturalist. After traveling around the country and gaining insightful experiences he is excited to lead the Nature Awareness Program.


Walker studied Environmental Science at Emory and Henry College, a small liberal arts school in the Appalachian Mountains. It was during college that Walker discovered the magical landscapes of Western North Carolina through working at a summer camp in Brevard. Since college he has followed the calling of teaching outdoor education and sharing his admiration of nature. Through this work he has spent time living and teaching in Maine, Georgia, the Central Coast of California and most recently Catalina Island.


For fun, Walker enjoys walking around admiring the plants and trees of the surrounding area. He is especially happy to be living in the most biodiverse area for plant species on the continent! He is fascinated by different ways to communicate and learn from the natural world.

“I learn what I know by watching and loving everything. Flowers talk to me, and so do little living things in the woods. Anyone who loves enough and believes can know these secrets.”

George Washington Carver

You can reach Walker at Walker.Trent@rainbowlearning.org