Carol Mathieson – PreK Assistant Teacher

Carol Mathieson is so grateful to be at Rainbow Community School working in the Preschool Program.

At Rainbow, she is inspired to grow every child’s unique love of learning, through nature, play-based experiences, reading, warmth and laughter. She truly enjoys engaging with the youngest members of Asheville and having the privilege to interact with their parents and families. She is inspired every day by young minds, my co-teachers, and the love and support of the Rainbow “family.” For me, this quote resonates: Childhood is a journey, not a race.

Education and Background

She recently relocated to West Asheville from Pittsburgh, PA. After growing up in NJ, she received a BS/BA in Business and Computer Science from Bucknell University and worked as a software consultant for IBM in Washington DC. While raising her four children in Pittsburgh, she started a successful in-home MAC/PC consulting business and also held a marketing position on the local school board. After launching her kids into the world, she returned to school in 2017-18 and completed her Masters in Curriculum & Instruction with a minor in Early Child Education.


Her passions are spending time with her family and kids, DIY projects, exercising, hiking, and camping … any adventure that is outdoors, off the beaten path, and challenging! She and her dog Carl enjoy exploring the Asheville music, art, and food scene.

You can reach Carol at