Richard Risbridger – Omega 7/8 Social Studies Lead Teacher

Richard brings a wide scope of scholarly knowledge and life experiences to the classroom along with a positive, playful spirit. Setting aside his career as a web and graphic designer after Hurricane Katrina to become a circus performer, Richard got his start working with children during his time traveling with the Oakland, CA-based Dreamtime Circus in Peru. He performed as an aerialist, ringmaster, and acrobatic clown and taught acrobatics to children in Lima, Cajamarca, and the Amazon Rainforest. In the years before deciding to become a teacher, Richard worked for an architecture firm, provided tech support for Microsoft, taught yoga and pranayama, and worked as a storyteller and event MC. With an insatiable appetite for exploration and a love of many cultures, he has lived in a number of American cities and traveled all over the world. After many adventures, Richard decided that the best way to work for a better future was to work full time with young people as a teacher. He is deeply honored to rejoin the Rainbow family this year.


Richard received a Bachelor of the Arts from Brown University with a concentration in Ethics and Political Philosophy and his teacher licensure from UNC Asheville. He is also a certified yoga teacher and permaculturist.


Richard is a devoted life-long learner who enjoys too many things to count including telling stories, doing handstands, reading folklore, exploring geometry, and drinking coffee.

You can reach Richard by emailing