Ta’rin’ii had the opportunity to join Rainbow Communitystaff School Community in 2017. She has a genuine passion and curiosity to learn more about the minds of young children.

Ta’rin’ii is a certified yoga instructor and has been practicing meditation since 2007. She feels aligned with the holistic approach to mindfulness teaching and the seven domains.

She is a mother to a liitle girl name Kaeya. She is a farmer/ gardener and an educator.

She has a MS in International Affairs and focused her thesis work on traditional, women-based, sustenance gardening systems of the Mossi people in Burkina Faso, West Africa and their relevance to future sustainability initiatives around the globe. Her commitment to women, wellness & sustainability drives her work as an advocate in such
organizations like the Organic Growers School.

When she is not in the classroom, she is spending time with her family, on the farm, making herbal tea blends, taking long walks or reading her horoscope.