The Hero’s Journey

As IMAGINE, our Spring school-wide performance quickly approaches, I find myself frequently returning to the arch of the hero’s journey in several aspects of our school programming. May Day invites us to cross a threshold from the ordinary to the extraordinary world where costumes, dancing, and berries and cream fill our morning with joyful fellowship. This ritual also marks a movement into the final weeks of school filled with trials of character and adventure. End of year trips, performances, learning celebrations and more. Finally, we arrive at graduation. The ultimate ritual of accomplishment and reflection. Yes, this is a full and emotional time for our young heroes. Let us guide them with wisdom, heart, and love. May the magic of the journey surround us all.

End of Year Trips: A Rite of Passage

A long standing ritual at Rainbow is the End of Year Trip. In our upper elementary and middle school programming, students experience the power of traveling together and immersing themselves in a different learning environment. Typically, this involves an expeditionary learning experience set in the natural world. From canoeing to dichotomous keys, barrier islands to wildlife preserves, the students are challenged to take positive risks, embrace environmental action, and build lasting relationships and memories with their Rainbow community.

Jubilee: Allies Along the Way

No quest is possible without allyship. I am pleased to announce a new partnership for Rainbow with Jubilee, a local nondenominational church in the Asheville community. For the past several months, I have been working with the Board and congregation of Jubilee to consider rental of Rainbow for their Sunday service and other evening gatherings. We hosted a trial event back in February, gathered feedback from Rainbow staff, and have found ourselves in a place of deep alignment. Their mission, “As a compassionate and inclusive spiritual community, Jubilee! celebrates the divine mystery in all of creation and calls each of us toward a heart-centered, compassionate, equitable and sustainable way of living and being,” echoes the principles and values of Rainbow Community School. The sale of Jubilee’s building downtown finalized our partnership. We are humbled and happy to be their “home” as they embark on their own challenges and transformations ahead. Their first service on Rainbow’s campus will be held May 21, 2023. Their website is filled with detailed information about their values, history, and more for folks who are interested. Jubilee and Rainbow are hoping to host an open event for both of our communities in June to celebrate this partnership. More details will be shared as available.

An Evening of Visioning: Every Quest Needs A Map

In my last Kaleidoscope, I shared that the Board has created a Futures Planning Committee to guide our facilities planning. On April 18th, a cross section of the community gathered with Altura Architects, to engage in a hands-on mapping activity for our entire campus. It was inspiring to see and hear all of the ideas and themes emerging for campus design. The Futures Planning Committee will meet next week with Altura to learn more about how the ideas from our community meeting will inform a more comprehensive and unified vision for our future.

IMAGINE: “Lets See What Happens”

On May 19th we will gather for a school-wide performance. We will be guided on a hero’s journey that incorporates vignette performances from each grade level. To help you prepare, here are some important general details. Classroom teachers will share more specifics, as needed.

Morning Performance:

Begins at 10:30am. Doors to the auditorium will open at 10:15am. Please be prepared to wait in your car or outside until the doors open. This gives us time to be sure we are fully set before audience members arrive.

This is the only performance including preschool and Kindergarten students. Families of this age should plan to attend in the morning only unless you have an older child.

Evening Performance:

Begins at 6:00pm. Doors to the auditorium will open at 5:45pm. Please be prepared to wait in your car or outside until the doors open. This gives us time to be sure we are fully set before audience members arrive.

This performance is for 1st-8th grade families. Students in first through fifth grade will be performing along with Omega students that elected to be part of the program..

This event is special and we are excited to share it with the community. Our auditorium seating is tight when we all gather. Please consider priority for your immediate family and limit additional guest invites. The morning performance will be recorded and shared with families.

Student Led Conferences: Everyone has a story to tell

On June 5th, Kindergarten through 8th grade families will be invited to participate in a student-led conference. Their child will guide them through the story of their school year by reflecting on their growth in the domains, sharing highlights from their experiences and artifacts from their journey. These conferences provide an intimate space for child and family to inquire, celebrate, and affirm the growth and development of a year of learning. As a teacher, I was always grateful to have this time for each child to speak their story and to be witnessed and honored in the process.

Graduation: A Ritual of Transition

Preschool will celebrate their end-of-year ceremony on June 5th at 9:30am, a sweet celebration that marks the natural progression for our littlest learners. On June 6th, Kindergarten through 8th grade families are invited to a graduation ceremony that will feature speeches from each graduating 8th grade student and an opportunity for each child to speak a memory from their school year. It is a powerful culmination of student voice, transformation, and transition. Several members of the graduating class have been at Rainbow since early childhood. We plan to host this gathering on the Athletic field starting at 6:00pm.

Community: The Cast of Characters Is Far and Wide

From Grandfriend’s Day to Spring Fling and Parent Council to Board service, this time of year embodies an inherent spirit of gratitude. Rainbow couldn’t thrive without all of you giving your time, wisdom, energy and support to all aspects of our programming. My heart is consistently overwhelmed by the beauty of this community.

Administration welcomes your feedback to help us continue to grow, learn, and develop. Our annual Family Survey is an excellent way for your voice to contribute to our evolution. Your contributions are anonymous and are reviewed alongside staff and student anonymous surveys. We thank you for taking the time to share your perspectives.


Yours In Partnership and Appreciation for the Journey,

Susie Fahrer,
Executive Director