Rainbows End Presents “We Are Monsters” (video)


Vampires, werewolves, goblins and ghouls, welcome to the annual Monster Cabaret.


Monster Theater

So begins our adventure down into the underground world of monster theater, where monsters, who have been rejected from human society, finally feel safe to express themselves authentically. That is until four human kids put on monster disguises and infiltrate the monster world!

As the human ‘spies’ slip in and out of vampire dressing rooms and werewolf howl-offs, they each discover the pitfalls of their own assumptions. Soon however, eyes are opened, long lost friends are reunited, and working through conflict leads to lasting connection.



More than anything, “We Are Monsters” reveals the power of compassion and friendship through self expression and loving acceptance. During these overwhelming times of divisiveness, there is no message more vital to our transformation as a society, than this one.



Thank you to all of our incredible monster families for your absolute dedication and support. You have deeply inspired us and we could not be more grateful.


Rainbow’s End After School Students


“We Are Monsters”


Rainbow Community School Auditorium







The Conservation Caper comes to Rainbow!

The Conservation Caper comes to Rainbow!

Rainbow community, won’t you join us for this fun 25-minute educational play designed to inspire green living and energy saving?!

Arrive at the auditorium in the Rainbow Community Center on Wednesday, January 25th, at 60 State Street, at 10am to grab a seat and enjoy the play starting at 10:15am.

Access educational materials and play fun games with your children either before the play or afterwards to help them integrate all they’ve learned. https://www.myenergykit.org/education/

You’ll also have a chance to order an energy kit filled with energy efficient materials for your home such as energy efficient light bulbs and a water conservation showerhead. As a community, how effective can we be in creating investment among our children to be more concsious of their energy use?

Play Synopsis:
Energy is being wasted everywhere you look, but Nikki Neutron and The Energized Guyz are here to help! The Conservation Caper is a theatrical program designed to engage elementary students in green living and saving energy. In this 25-minute educational play, Nikki takes on Dr. Maybe, a villain bent on wasting water and energy, and shows our students how we all can do our part to save energy.

In fact, The Conservation Caper has a goal to save 10 million kilowatt hours of energy during the 2016-17 school year. Will you join this mission?

The Bee’s Knees Gatsby Gala

The Bee’s Knees Gatsby Gala

Ring the doorbell and stroll into the glorious venue of The Bee’s Knees Gatsby Gala on Friday, February 17th! The Pollinators Fundraising Committee is so excited to host you and your loved ones at the beautiful home of Jen Tracy and Howard Stafford for a night unlike any other. Many of you will recall last year’s parents night out, referred to as “The Best Event of The Year!” and we plan to raise the bar with this inaugural event.

Tickets are $100 each and includes:
-Opening band Up Next, music performed by Rainbow alumni Eva Peterson and Haley Fell
-Featured band The Business, music performed by Rainbow parent and recording artist Jim Arrendell, with a trio.
-Scrumptious food catered by Corner Kitchen
-Two drink vouchers for Lexington Avenue Brewery beer, wine, Bee’s Knees cocktail
-A party that is sure to be remembered as “The Best New Event of The Year!”

For childcare check out Asheville Community Movement.
Proceeds to benefit Rainbow Community School’s Financial Aid Program.
1920’s attire encouraged.

For more information and to purchase your tickets today go to our Eventbrite site. Please consider donating extra toward the Rainbow Staff Fund. A portion of your ticket purchase price is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Watch the video below to get a sense of The Business’s vibrant energy and colorful sound.


Rainbow Community School Annual Book Fair

Rainbow Community School Annual Book Fair

For the first time in Rainbow history, the Annual Book Fair is being hosted at Firestorm Books & Coffee down the street at 610 Haywood Rd in West Asheville! We are so excited to support our local community business neighbor and hope you will join us in purchasing books from 2pm-6pm from Tuesday, Nov 29th to Friday, Dec 2nd! 15% of cash profits and 30% of credit profits from books purchased within this time frame will be donated to Rainbow Community School.
Our Kick-Off event on Tuesday, Nov 29th from 4-6pm at Firestorm Books will feature marvelous classroom performances, including theatrical readings and original music. We hope to see you there!
High School Info Night

High School Info Night

Come to Omega Middle School at 60 State Street in West Asheville on Thursday, November 10th from 6:15 to 8pm for presentations from EIGHT different local high schools! Choosing where to go to high school is a big decision. We’ve made things a little easier by bringing all the high schools together for one night and one night only! Each high school will briefly introduce their program before opening up the floor for questions and more in depth conversations. All are welcome to attend!
High School Presentations from:
Asheville High
Asheville School
Carolina Day School
Buncombe County Early College
Franklin School of Innovation
Nesbit Discovery Academy
Odyssey Community School
School of Inquiry & Life Sciences
The Learning Village High School Initiative
FMI: sheila.mraz@omegamiddleschool.org