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Renee Owen has directed Rainbow Community School since July of 2007. Renee received her Masters Degree in educational leadership at the University of Colorado. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University and a Waldorf Foundations Certificate from Antioch/Center for Anthroposophy. Currently, she is currently pursuing her EdD at Columbia University Teacher’s College. Her quest for research and educational theory is being applied in her dynamic practice at Rainbow Community School.

Renee Owen, Executive Director

Educating for Social Justice

  Harvard Grad Delivers Powerfully Poetic Speech On Overcoming Injustice by Taryn Finley of The Huffington Post Last month, Rainbow added "social justice" to our mission statement. Now, more than ever, education needs to be a force for empowerment, rather than...

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Who had a fabulous struggle today?

Try it out for a dinner table discussion.  The question, "Who had a fabulous struggle today?" is a great example of what educators call a growth-mindset prompt. Students and adults with a growth mindset believe that humans have almost limitless potential.  Therefore,...

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Together, we learn.

Affirmative action isn't just about merit, defined by the same one size fits all empirical measures of the past. The purpose of education can no longer be about sifting out who deserves merit, and taming those who don't. That competitive model is obsolete. If we are...

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Who Said This?

“The most vital attribute in the world you’re about to enter is not critical thinking or fluency in another language. It’s about whether you’re able to see the world through another’s eyes.  The key factor of success for any society going forward is what percentage of...

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