The Omega Honor Code

The Honor Code

Omega Middle School students take a deep dive into the spiritual, emotional and social domains at the beginning of the school year.

Before the learning journey can truly begin, students and teachers must first sit down to discuss what it truly means to be an Omegan.

omega honor code

What it means to be a student at

Omega Middle School

As Omegans, students have notable privileges including a separate campus, self-directed learning, electives, frequent class trips, public presentations of their academic and artistic work, and intentional rights of passage experiences.

Before entrusting these privileges to their students, teachers make space for a heart-centered conversation about what it takes to create safety, integrity, and honor within the Omega community.

Out of these discussions the Honor Code is born and each student is asked to sign their name to indicate their investment and dedication to being an honorable Omegan.

Parents are a key component in the success of the honor code and are asked to sign the class code in addition to the students.