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We are so excited to share with you everything that makes Rainbow such a unique blend of holistic education, academic excellence, social responsibility, and integrated community. Here you can find our reflections on the seven domains, our opinions on mindfulness in schools, our upcoming events, and how we’re revolutionizing education from the inside out. Explore the posts below to get a sense of what being part of the Rainbow community is all about. 

The Philosopher’s Box

Rainbow Community School had a special guest this week! Best-selling author and Ph.D., Lisa Miller, toured our school. Lisa authored The Spiritual Child and is also the head of clinical psychology at Columbia University Teachers College. She has conducted and compiled...

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Only Love Can Do That

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. –Martin Luther King Jr.   Rainbow Community School is governed by light and founded on love. Connection to oneself, others, the natural world and the...

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Arming Teachers Is Not the Answer

A few years ago, I wrote a piece for the Mountain Express. It was after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I explore that why we as educators cannot resort to arming ourselves, but instead, embrace a hope for the future without arms. The article shows how this is still relevant...

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Katie Wilson – Team Highlight

We have some pretty amazing staff here at Rainbow Community School. We have so many folks with myriad talents. This month's team highlight is Katie Wilson, our 5th grade teaching assistant. You'll never guess what Katie was able to do last summer. It all starts with a...

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In Thanksgiving

The Power of Gratitude We at Rainbow make it a habit to practice gratitude - not just around Thanksgiving - but all during the school year. It happens in centerings, and teachers work to instill the two words, "thank you" into every student. As Renee mentioned in her...

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