Science Fair 2017

Join us on Friday, February 10th, to delve into the scientific explorations created by our ever-curious students. Every year Rainbow students spend the winter months preparing for the Annual Science Fair in February. They make hypothesis, design surveys, research technologies, analyse data, and draw ...  Read more

2nd Annual More than Mindfulness Conference

SAVE the DATE! Join Rainbow Institute and Rainbow Community School staff, faculty and students on October 6th and 7th for the 2nd Annual More the Mindfulness Conference, in conjunction with our 40 year Alumni Party. Click here to learn more and to register for the event! ...  Read more

Elementary and Middle School Open House 2-15-2017

Asheville, North Carolina, Rainbow Community School (RCS) will hold an Open House on Wednesday, February 15 from 4-6 pm. The open house is free and open to the public and will feature the elementary and middle school programs at RCS. This event will provide an excellent chance for anyone considering ...  Read more

SHINE! The Annual Talent Show

Rainbow's annual SHINE! Talent Show is coming up, on Thursday, Feb 23rd from 5-8pm! Children of all ages can give a three minute performance to show off their talents to our Rainbow Community. This is always a super fun and special event where we get to watch our creative kids shine! Timing and ...  Read more

The Human Animal in Winter Time

              In the depths of winter, as the school year wound its way back through January, our Kindergarteners learned of the bear’s hibernation, the geese’s migration, and the rabbit’s adaptation. How do we, as animals, respond to winter’s ...  Read more

Welcome to our two new Student Support Interns, Lydia and Brittany!

Welcome to our two new Student Support interns, Brittany and Lydia! Brittany Wagner and Lydia Rose are students in the Occupational Therapy program at AB Tech. We are so lucky that they will be working with Student Support students on Tuesdays for the next 9 weeks. After doing farm to school and ...  Read more

The Conservation Caper comes to Rainbow!

Rainbow community, won't you join us for this fun 25-minute educational play designed to inspire green living and energy saving?! Arrive at the auditorium in the Rainbow Community Center on Wednesday, January 25th, at 60 State Street, at 10am to grab a seat and enjoy the play starting at ...  Read more

The Bee’s Knees Gatsby Gala

Ring the doorbell and stroll into the glorious venue of The Bee’s Knees Gatsby Gala on Friday, February 17th! The Pollinators Fundraising Committee is so excited to host you and your loved ones at the beautiful home of Jen Tracy and Howard Stafford for a night unlike any other. Many of you will ...  Read more

Rainbow Community For Standing Rock

We are the Rainbow Community School Warriors. We are compassionate leaders, building a socially just, spiritually connected, and environmentally sustainable world. We are the Rainbow Standing Rock Delegation; Wendy Sause, Elijah White, Bronwyn White, Cara Hanna, Bob Hannah, and Danielle Hanna, ...  Read more