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Renee Owen has directed Rainbow Community School since July of 2007. Renee received her Masters Degree in educational leadership at the University of Colorado. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University and a Waldorf Foundations Certificate from Antioch/Center for Anthroposophy. Currently, she is currently pursuing her EdD at Columbia University Teacher's College. Her quest for research and educational theory is being applied in her dynamic practice at Rainbow Community School.

Renee Owen, Executive Director

The Times: Yes, They Are A-Changing

The Times: Yes, They Are A-Changing What is Postmodernism and What Skills will our Children Need in the New Era? Looking back over history, the transition from one era to another seems like it happened overnight, but in reality, each transition takes lifetimes, and the people who lived ...  Read more

Kaleidoscope, November 2016

Kaleidoscope, November 2016   Unfortunately, it has been too long since I have written you. I meant to release an edition of Kaleidoscope in early November, but, frankly, the election put me off-kilter. And with all the smoke in the air, it felt like the world was on fire. Thanksgiving ...  Read more

Educating for Social Justice

  Harvard Grad Delivers Powerfully Poetic Speech On Overcoming Injustice by Taryn Finley of The Huffington Post   Last month, Rainbow added "social justice" to our mission statement. Now, more than ever, education needs to be a force for empowerment, rather than indoctrination. This ...  Read more

Kaleidoscope – April 2016

Kaleidoscope, April 2016 The Maypole gets wrapped on Monday at the annual Rainbow May Day Celebration – a quintessential Rainbow event.  Fairies, elves, ancient dances, strawberries and cream – anyone who can slip away for the morning from 10:30 to about 11:30 will be filled with the delights of ...  Read more

Mwe: You, Me, and All Our Relations Check out this interview with Dan Siegel on the psychology and sociology of our environment. At Rainbow I often stress that helping students cultivate a deep and personal relationship with the natural world ...  Read more

I have made a terrible mistake… how this teacher begins her article, after being a student for two days and finding out what the experience is really like.   Teacher Spends Two Days as a Student and is Shocked at What She Learns by Valerie Strauss of The Washington Post   ...  Read more

Kaleidoscope – March 2016

Kaleidoscope: The many colorful things happening at Rainbow, from the Executive Director Hello beautiful Rainbow Community.  I am so happy spring is here!  It was a mild winter in terms of weather, but emotionally speaking, I found it hard to keep the ol’ disposition sunny during the dark days of ...  Read more

Blended learning sounds great….or does it?

With the intense budget cuts and challenges in public schools, get ready to hear the term "blended learning" more and more. Blended learning is simply a mix of face-to-face classroom time with the added use of technology. The hype and selling point of blended learning for parents is that it ...  Read more

Does this sound like you?

What type of parent are you?  Read this checklist to see if you help your child build resilience. My favorite is "Make the adage that there are at least two sides to every story a mantra in your home." Nurturing Resilience: Reminding Ourselves What Kids Need ...  Read more

Is your child an introvert?

Rainbow Community School has always been a safe haven for introverted children.  In a world where social aggressiveness has be glorified, especially in the competitive public education model, Rainbow has always had a way of understanding and honoring the power of the introvert. Three insights ...  Read more