The Fourth grade centering went like this today;

“Many of your families spoke to you about a tragedy that happened on Friday.  Today we are coming together to celebrate the light of peace, love and joy inside us.  We are going to share that energy as a community today and for the next three days, and we will send these intentions to anyone who may be suffering on other communities…”  We then made the luminaries.

Their teacher later explained to the parents of her students, “We did not discuss the events of Friday, and we did not discuss our own safety plan.  In the moment, it felt inappropriate to dwell on either.  I did set the tone that all discussion of the events on Friday are to be discussed with family, and that it would not be a topic of conversation at school in order to ensure our younger children are not exposed to anything inappropriate.  I did allow for students to come speak to me personally if they have any needs or questions.  No one has asked for additional information at this point.”

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