To my beloved family and friends,

I’ve finally gotten a message from the Universe that my time at Rainbow is ended. The love and support you have shown me—especially during the Evil Hip incident—will always be part of me. But the children, ah, the children—they are 90% of me.

Their love is so overwhelming. They give so much, without even being aware, they just ARE. Their smiles, hugs, their “Hey, Ruthie,” have kept me young.

Lines of them going by and most of them slowing down to hug. Walking into a classroom and being “attacked” even as the teacher is asking them to stay seated. Telling stories to attentive, “listening eyes.” A boy running across the playground, leaving games and friends, to give and receive a hug—WOW! that’s powerful! Watching them grow and become young ladies and gentlemen, but never too “mature” to give an old teacher a hug.

Kids, you are so lucky to be in a school where your teachers love you all, but even more amazing, your teachers love each other and show it so you can see it. There is so much security in that. I wish for each of you a workplace some day where you’ll have that atmosphere.

I love my family and friends and kids—I love you so much and will miss you.


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